S&S Welding Inc is a World Class supplier of machined parts and complex assembly work. We have the manufacturing experience, tools and knowledge to produce product from simple details to complete kitted assemblies. Our progressive shop culture consistently provides a high value add + low risk solution to meet customer requirements.

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  • Vertical CNC Milling

           > Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 750
                 - 3rd Axis (30 x 20 x 20 Envelope)

           > Yama-Seiki VMB 1600
                 - 4th Axis (60 x 30 x 30 Envelope)

           > Cincinnati Maxim 500A
                 -4th Axis Pallet Shuttle and 2 Pallets (30 x 28 x 30 Envelope)

  • Horizontal CNC Milling

           > Femco BMC-110R2
                 - Table Rotates to .001 Deg (79 x 71 x 67 Envelope)

  • Turning CNC Milling

           > Doosan Lynx 220L
                 - 12" Dia x 20 Long

           > Haas CNC Lathe
                 - Big Bore Option

  • Project Management

          > We have experienced project managers providing scheduling and current data to ensure all details concerning your project are accessible to you at all times.

  • Inspection Equipment

          > Enclosed Heated Inspection Area
          > Inspection Table 4' x 12' 
          > FARO Arm CMM (9')
          > Calibrated Inspection Equipment

The entire process from sending the change document to your offices for review and supplied quote, down to receiving the rails was seamless. We appreciated your teams’ efforts as the rails were of far higher quality and workmanship than the other stainless steel rails supplied on the project.

The professionalism we encountered through the different revisions of having to design this plate ourselves was highly recognized by the entire team.

Melody Lian, Lydig Construction
Auburn, WA

Melody Lian, Lydig Construction <br> Auburn, WA
Melody Lian, Lydig Construction <br> Auburn, WA